ElectriFly Cosmic Wind

When I first saw this plane at the field I instantly wanted it. Its sleek fiber glass fuselage, practical size, high quality and incredible old school design make it must-have RC plane.

The ElectriFly Cosmic Wind is a very faithful replica of the 1947 monoplane designed specifically for The Goodyear Trophy, as part of the Formula One Air Racing.

The Cosmic Wind ARF comes in a small box with a relatively low part count.

Some things are already done for you like the pre-hinged ailerons, which really make this model an example of an ARF plane. The manual is really detailed and includes nice pictures that leave almost nothing to the imagination, which is great.

Let’s put this plane together

ElectriFly Cosmic Wind box

Monokote coveringThe first step after checking that the box includes all the parts is to check the Monokote covering on the wings, rudder and elevator. I had to tighten the covering using a covering iron because the plane came with several wrinkles. The iron made it look perfect after that.

Next, I assembled the wing by joining the wing halves using the supplied wood joiner, 30-minute epoxy and the carbon alignment pin.

After that, I installed the main landing gear which was really easy. No glue was used in this step, but only the supplied screws.

Cosmic Wind landing gear

The stabilizer is not part of the fiber glass fuselage so I inserted and glued it with epoxy. As with every airplane, it’s very important to make sure that it is properly aligned. The elevator is not pre-hinged like the ailerons so I installed it with the provided hinges and some drops of CA glue. Using T-pins help keep the hinges centered before applying the glue. The rudder was installed the same way.

Elevator and Rudder

The plane is designed to use the Electrifly RimFire .10 Outrunner Brushless motor and its installation was really easy using the provided machine screws. The ESC is also made by ElectriFly and can be attached to the side of the fuselage using Velcro.

ElectriFly ESC

Pushrods are already cut to the exact size and include the Z-bends so no extra work in this step. These little details add to the quality of this model.

Cosmic Wind servos

The wheel collars allow you to adjust the movement of the rudder and elevator.

Cosmic Wind wing servo

The wings use only one servo in the middle.

After the servos and pushrods are installed, I finished the model by gluing the pilot and the canopy and installing the battery strap behind the motor. The pilot I used was not the one mentioned in the manual, but this Hobby King WW2 Pilot that I trimmed a little bit so it fitted the canopy. I think it looks better than the one suggested in the manual.

Cosmic Wind Pilot and Cockpit

The Cosmic Wind also comes with several decals so you can customize it the way you want.

Let’s fly!

Taking off was easier than expected. Ground handling was great before the Cosmic Wind was in the air. It only took a few meters and half throttle.

Once in the air I noticed that the up-elevator was a little too high so I immediately trimmed it to fly straight and level. It took a few laps around the circuit to get used to the way it flies but after that, I felt much more comfortable with it.

The Cosmic Wind is a bullet in the air! It flew two times after its maiden and I applied full throttle only in the last fly, after I got used to the controls. But once you do that, it’s hard not to want to fly fast all the time!

Basic aerobatics were easy too. The little RimFire .10 motor has plenty of power to do big loops even at half to 3/4 throttle. Rolls are easier to do with the high rate setting, since it’s not an aerobatic plane but a racer.


I really enjoy to fly this plane. It’s fast and nimble and its bright red color and design make it look great in the air. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a practical, fun and fast plane. It is also a nice first electric plane since its components are not too complex.

The building process is not difficult, especially if you’ve put together another ARF before.

Let me know if you have any questions about the Cosmic Wind in the comments below.

I now leave you with a photo gallery of the EectriFly Cosmic Wind.

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