I tried the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and it’s better than I expected

Last week I had the chance to try the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, in 13 and 15 inches, and I got a better experience with it than I was expecting to have.

The Touch Bar

First of all, the new Touch Bar looks and works really good. It’s like touching the glass of an iPhone, with the same instant response as soon as you touch the buttons. It’s very easy to use.

As you may know, the buttons change according to the application you’re using, so if you’re browsing the web with Safari you’ll get different buttons than if you’re using the Photos application.

The Touch Bar is a screen but it’s like a matte screen. It does not shine so it does not distract you when using the computer. When the Touch Bar changes to use colored buttons, they don’t distract you either. They made it so it feels really natural to use and to look at.

The keyboard

The keys are really slim and they don’t “travel” too much but they feel comfortable anyway. I’m typing this blog post in a 13 inch 2011 MacBook Pro and the difference is big, but in a good way. It’s not hard to get used to the new keys at all.

The screen

The screen looks amazing as you might expect. With the 15 inch screen in particular you get plenty of room to arrange more than 1 window at the time because of its combination of resolution and size. I feel like I want to get a 15 inch MacBook next time I buy a laptop.

The size and ports

This MacBook is really slim and light. Taking it with you in your backpack must feel like you’re carrying a notebook instead of a computer. When I travel, I never take my computer with me unless it’s for work, mainly because of the weight. With this computer, I would not have that problem.

When you’re using the 15 inch MacBook Pro, it looks a bit out of proportion or ugly, with large spaces to the right and left of the keyboard. I guess I’m used to the 13 inch form factor where everything is closer and all the parts like the keyboard, trackpad and screen are closer to each other.

The trackpad is really, really big. Maybe even unnecessarily big, but this is not a problem and I guess everyone could get used to it.

As I was using the laptop, I kinda forgot about the lack of ports, a subject that has been all over the internet since the new MacBook Pro was released, and I thought that I really don’t use ports, or not too many at least. I can only think of using 1 USB port at a time maybe once every 2 weeks and the SD card port after coming from vacation. I would not mind using a dongle for this.

The one port I will miss for sure is the MagSafe. This was one of the MacBook’s best features and I still can’t understand why Apple killed it.

After using it, I liked the new MacBook Pro. If I was looking to get a new computer today, I would go for it not because of the Touch Bar but because it’s just a good, solid computer.

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