I’m now a Splunk Certified Admin!

Yesterday I got certified as a Splunk Admin! As I did last year when I got certified as a Splunk Power User, I will share some tips here for those of you who are interested in getting certified:

  1. The online test has 50 questions and they give you 60 minutes to complete it. You pass it with at least 75%.
  2. The test is free but the courses are not. You have to take the required courses first: Splunk System Admin (2 days) and Splunk Data Admin (3 days).
  3. The test has very specific questions. You can find most of the anwers to those questions in the System Admin and Data Admin courses.
  4. You can see all the required and optional courses here.
  5. The test has questions of multiple choice, fill in the blanks and mark all the options that apply.
  6. After you pass the test, they will give you a nice diploma and some cool badges you can use online.

Felipe Cerda - Splunk Certified Admin

Let me know if you have any questions about the certification.


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nice to hear you got certified as admin. Can you give tell if the difficulty level is similar to that of power users. or you can find lot of answers directly in the pdf material. I am planning to give certification next weeks. Any sample questions or the places to look for answers will be helpful.

Hi Manish,

I’d say it was easier than the Power User for me but I think it’s because at the time I took the test I had more experience with Splunk than 1 year ago.
Most of the answers can be found in the PDF material from the required courses so it’s fundamental you take the courses.
Good luck!

I am planning to have power user certification in next 30 days. Any book or material you would suggest to clear the exam

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