About Felipe

Felipe CerdaWelcome to my blog! This is a site for everyone interested in learning more and discussing about aviation and web related technologies. I know these are huge topics so you can find a variety of posts here.

My name is Felipe Cerda and I’m originally from Concepción, Chile but I’ve been living in Santiago since 2010. I have a Computer Science degree and I’ve worked for Sun Microsystems, JP Morgan Chase, LATAM Airlines and my current employer is JetSMART Airlines where I work as the Chief PSS (Passenger Service System) Administrator.

My hobby is to build and fly Radio Controlled airplanes. I also like to travel and reading.

My native language is Spanish so you’ll probably find some grammatical errors here and there (please feel free to correct me!). I decided to write this blog in English mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. English is a much more universal language online.
  2. It forces me to practice the language.

You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.